Tax residence in Georgia

We help to get a tax residenсу certificate if you have been living in Georgia for more than 183 days or if you receive income from a source in Georgia over 25 000 lari.

0% tax on dividends from non-Georgian sources.

Start with $250

Why Georgia?

01. Georgia №2 in the EU

Georgia is the №2 country in terms of ease of starting a business in the EU.

02. Georgia №7 in the world

Georgia was ranked seventh in the world in terms of ease of doing business.

03. From 0 to 1% tax rate for IE

IE registered as a “micro-business” – 0% tax rate with a turnover of up to 30 000 lari. IE registered as a “small business” – 1% tax rate with a turnover of up to 500 000 lari.

04. 365 days without a visa or a residence permit

Georgia allows people to stay in the country up to 365 days without receiving a residence permit. It is possible to get a residence permit for an individual entrepreneur with a turnover from 50 000 lari per year.

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